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Where to start for a beginner?By Efrit · 21 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · Erwin
Correlated subqueriesBy Jake Wheat · 73 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
Does RM Pro 4 really preclude NULLs?By dandl · 28 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
Heading inference, not type inferenceBy dandl · 40 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
An alternative to open expressionsBy dandl · 13 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · dandl
Another better sample of 'C# as D'By dandl2 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · Erwin
Relcons and relfuns are both FOPLBy dandl9 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · AntC
Formalisation of Transitive ClosureBy dandl8 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · dandl
Formalisation of Appendix A 'relcons'By dandl0 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · dandl
A better sample of 'C# as D' Mark IIBy dandl0 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · dandl
Defining a function relation by means of a headingBy dandl · 13 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · AntC
Update on "C# is a D" projectBy dandl · 36 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · Dave Voorhis
3 years ago
Dave Voorhis
Why not relational ordering operators?By dandl · 21 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · dandl
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