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Database Theory

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Why 'Join'?By AntC6 RepliesLast post: 1 year ago · Vadim
Relations as sets of columnsBy Vadim2 RepliesLast post: 1 year ago · Vadim
What do set-based operations buy us?By tobega · 52 RepliesLast post: 1 year ago · Dave Voorhis
1 year ago
Dave Voorhis
A plague on 'Relationally Complete'By AntC1 ReplyLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
Key questionsBy AntC · 17 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · Brian S
WeirdBy AntC4 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
C# 9.0 has data classesBy dandl0 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · dandl
Big birthday coming up ...By AntC0 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · AntC
What are the nodes in a Visual RA?By dandl · 30 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · johnwcowan
2 years ago
SUMMARIZE PER, OUTER JOIN and image relationsBy dandl · 47 RepliesLast post: 2 years ago · Dave Voorhis
2 years ago
Dave Voorhis
Relational Lattice: 2019 Report CardBy AntC · 17 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · AntC
Extracting a domain from a relationBy Vadim3 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · Vadim
How to resolve the type system-relational algebra mismatchBy dandl · 27 RepliesLast post: 3 years ago · Dave Voorhis
3 years ago
Dave Voorhis
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