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Want a Database Design subforum?

Should we have a Database Design subforum?

Inspired by this...

Quote from dandl on August 3, 2019, 10:06 am

Leaving aside the relational rant, how would we propose to solve this [database design] problem in a TTM/TD context? The IM might be one way, but assuming no IM then what?

I've done this in the past but not using his A or B. My choice was to use two tables, one for strings and one for numerics, and cast as needed. One could well be enough.

... what do y'all think of me adding a Database Design subforum for database design topics/questions?

Personally, I think database design discussions are the norovirus of database fora, but I know some like them and I'm happy to cater.

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I agree with your "norovirus of database fora". Philip Kelly, previously of this parish, is now dishing out large volumes of his toxicity elsewhere.

If people want to get into interminable/fruitless discussions about half-baked specifications of business contexts, StackOverflow offers almost limitless opportunities; as in:

'I didn't come here to get insulted.'

'Oh. Where do you usally go?'