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"And the moral is, don't use Excel as a scientific database ..."

And can you do Rel-like RM operations on the data?



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Quote from dandl on February 5, 2020, 5:41 am

And can you do Rel-like RM operations on the data?

Only to the extent that the Streams API operators resemble Tutorial D operators, which is not much.

My primary goal is to reduce the JDBC-to-Streams impedance mismatch, so that query results become Streams.  Streams isn't the relational model any more than LINQ is -- they're a different algebra on different constructs. Adding operators to Streams to make it more relational model-like -- say, to add the convenience of a join operator that resembles JOIN -- is something I'll look at separately.

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Also don't use Excel as a database to hold test results for life-threatening diseases during a pandemic.